Wednesday, 25 September 2013

BBC's New Series...

The Land Grabbers.



cast info has been released:

Rachel Reeves as Nora the Snorer
Ed Balls as Fiscal O’Flatline 
Hilary Benn as  Daddy Flashback
Andy Burnham as Mad Doc Grabrail
Douglas Alexander as Goody McWee
Yvette Cooper as ’Er Indoors
Harriet Harman as ’Im Indoors
Chuka Umanna as Wiki The Lad 
Sadique Khan as Maybe The Mayor
Jim Murphy as Neville Chamberlain
Angela Eagle as Maria Eagle
Maria Eagle as Angela Eagle
Carline Flint as The Joker
Stephen Twigg as Shuffle The Fool
Liam Byrne as Workshy Nocashleft

Some Others No One Has Heard Of


Ed Miliband as Little Geek / Power Man
[quick changes in nearest conservatory]


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