Saturday, 17 July 2010


So, Mr Goldsmith, I'll ask you some
inconsequential nonsense about
jackets - then I will interrupt
everything you say, constantly talk over you,
whilst remaining completely
relaxed as the senior professional journalist
and broadcaster that I am.


link: Snowdrift


  1. I saw Snow doing a travelogue in Japan. He stepped off the plane and clearly had no idea about Japanese culture. I had an office there for seven years and could have given him five minutes to get him somewhere in the game. For example, he had no idea that if you ask a direct question, in Japan, you will never get a straight answer.

    For example, he asked a few shop-keepers how business was going. They gave the standard Japanese reply - mama - meaning 'so, so' giving no indication one way or the other, as their culture would not permit them to claim either success or failure.

    Snow the fool then did a piece to camera summarising what he was hearing, taking 'so,so' in the western sense, of not very good. It was laughable hearing him assessing the whole Japanese economy based on his total ignorance of what he was hearing.

    His ignorance of invoice allocation in book-keeping meant that he couldn't understand the points being made by Zac Goldsmith. As in Japan, he was totally out of his depth all over again, but much nastier and ruder than before. Execute the fool.